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Tiki 38


Tiki 38 underwayThese cats are fast, fun to sail, spacious, comfortable, do not heel and thanks to their shallow draught open up large cruising area’s where a “normal” mono hull could not venture because she’d run aground. Our boats are Polynesian-type cats. The Tiki catamarans are directly descended from the ancient Polynesian traveling catamarans which were in use for thousands of years all over the tropical Pacific.ur’s is largely enjoyed outdoors so rather then trying to maximize the internal accommodation, as is done with most other catamarans, we went the opposite way and made instead the usable deck area as spacious as possible. The result is a living space of 66 sqm (700 sq ft) which may well be large enough to land a helicopter on. (we haven’t tried). Even with the maximum of six guests it never gets crowded. Not having a deck cabin has many more advantages : a lighter (= faster ) boat, unobstructed view, less windage (= better sailing abilities) and cheaper to build ( = cheaper charter rates as well). Absolutely essential in warm climates however are generously sized bimini’s and awnings. They protect you from intense midday sunlight and keep you dry in the odd tropical down pour. Equally essential (and sadly lacking on many yachts!) is that this protective canvas can not only be used at anchor but under full sail as well. Our solution is a large multifunctional expandable bimini which in minutes can be enlarged to a full size awning and/or a fully enclosing deck tent. In all configurations all the sails of the boat can be used. In the huge main cockpit you have full standing headroom everywhere, a removable table and a comfortable position at the wheel for the helmsman which does not obstruct the movements of the others on board.

Internal accommodation consists of two comfortable double cabins and two private single cabins. Cabins are light and airy: two large opening hatches per cabin plus extra opening portholes in the doubles ensure a maximum flow of fresh air, in addition there are electric fans above each bed. Of course you can also sleep under the stars on deck or in the bow nets! There is one shower/toilet compartment plus a second shower on deck.

The galley has ample space for two cooks and is well equipped. The stove has flame - failure cutouts Rig is conventional Bermuda sloop and extremely easy to use: The mainsail is fully battened and has lazy jacks. The Genoa is roller reefed. For light down wind work there is a cruising chute. Cruising speed under sail depends of course on wind and load but 6-8kts, peaking 10 kts + is a realistic figure. Mechanical propulsion is by a 26 hp Marine diesel driving twin propellers via a hydraulic system. Cruising speed under power is 6- 6 1/2 kts, maneuverability is outstanding. You’ll never need to worry about electric power consumption. Large capacity battery banks, separately charged by a high output alternator and “smart” regulator, ensure the lights won’t go dim at the end of a long night partying and you’ll always have plenty of juice to start the engine the next morning. Water capacity is 400 liters (105 gall.) In two tanks. Water system is of course pressurized.

A secondary water system is dedicated for drinking water. The boat is supplied with 60 liters (16 gall.) of bottled mineral drinking water. The tender is a 3,40 m (11 ft) light weight RIB with a Yamaha Malta outboard engine. She will carry up to 7 persons, yet is light enough to be taken on deck by one person. Under sail you can either tow the tender or you can carry it on deck. Dropping and hauling anchor is a breeze thanks to the remote- controlled powerful electric windlass. What is a sailing holiday without cool drinks?: A 100 liter (27 gall) well insulated fridge box with an oversized holdover plate and it’s compressor driven by the main engine ensures you are never without this “primary necessity”. Running the engine for only 30 minutes each day suffices to keep the fridge chilled. For further details, please see the spec list. Between each charter we meticulously check all systems on board.

Oh by the way, you even get a mobile telephone. Everything is included in the price. You will at the time of handover receive a thorough briefing, after which you can cast off straight away because the harbour dues are already paid for as well.
































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