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Sailing News

Welcome to Catamaran Sailing news and information page.

Phuket has two different monsoons a year. The North East monsoon which starts November and ends in April. It brings fabulous weather to the region with sunny days and light winds. Very little rain this time of year. The South West monsoon starts May and changes in October November.

This monsoon brings higher humidity, stronger winds and more rain. The wet months normally September , October. The locals call the seasons High season and Low Season. The reason being most tourists come in the high season which is a very busy time with most work in the tourist industry.


Phi Phi Island Look-out Point

The weather here in Phuket is wonderful all year round with an average tempeture of 30 degrees celcius every day. The North East monsoon brings endless perfect days. The South West wind which brings more changeable weather. This monsoon brings stronger winds at times which means more adventurous sailing conditions.

Gundy Two and crew have had a great season with many fabulous charters. Some photos off crewed charters this season..


Suggested Itinerary for a one week charter.

Guests at The Lighthouse Restaurant10am meet clients at The Lighthouse restaurant which is on the beachfront in Chalong Bay. After transfer to Gundy Two there is a short briefing on vessel familiarization, cold drinks and a snack. We set sail and cruise out of beautiful Chalong Bay harbour through the moored vessels. Cruising past Lon Island and Ao Yon Bay we set a course for Mai Thon Island. We anchor in a small private bay off Mai Thon Island where we have stunning coral formations and a large variety of fish all around us. This is a great spot for a pre-lunch snorkel.

Lunch is served in our spacious cockpit that has ample seating for 10 persons. A typical lunch will be a combination of five Thai dishes usually comprising of fresh seafood, chicken, pork, beef or shellfish. It is set out banquet style so as guests are able to serve themselves. We have a large cockpit fridge/freezer always fully stocked with guests preferred cold drinks. Fresh fruit platters are always served during the morning and afternoon. There is nothing better than coming out of the water after a great snorkel to be served with fresh chilled fruit chased down with a cold beer.

After lunch we set the sails and cruise around the Island past a large resort with a beautiful long white sandy beach. This area is great for spotting dolphins feeding on the small fish in the currents. We then set a course for Phi Phi Lee Island. This sail takes around 4 hours of sailing past islands and trying our luck with fishing lines towed behind the boat.

Paddling in and around Phi Phi IslandsWe arrive at Phi Phi as the sun is going down and lighting up the cliffs creating amazing colors. Phi Phi is comprised of two Islands with impressive limestone cliffs. We cruise in to beautiful Maya Bay, made famous by the movie 'The Beach'. This is where part of the movie was filmed. If the weather is perfect we go on to a second small Bay to moor between the towering cliffs for the night. This amazing place has sea eagles flying aloft, fabulous coral reefs with abundant fish life including Nemo’s different colored clown fish, shoals of rainbow runners, parrot fish and much more. It is a perfect place to paddle around on the kayaks exploring the bays and caves. Normally we have this tranquil place to ourselves for the night which makes it all the more special. The Bay is great for snorkeling and diving in the morning before we are served breakfast and after our morning coffee or tea. We can snorkel to a hole in the cliff face and, after entering a walk through and a tropical rainforest we come out at 'The Beach'. First thing in the morning it's in all its glory with the sun shining on the huge limestone cliffs and beautiful white silica sand beach. At this time there are no people, we can enjoy the beach by ourselves.
Relaxing in the sun on the Catamaran

The tourists start flocking in around 8.30am, so it's back to the boat for a big cooked breakfast, which varies every day. It will be bacon, eggs & hash browns; toast garnished with tomato and cucumber, Thai omelet, banana crepes with honey or maple syrup, ham and eggs, cereal, cheese, ham and vegetable omelet. Breakfast is followed by a fresh fruit platter, Juice tea or coffee. Time to move on as the tourist boats start to arrive. We cruise over to the Bidas (islets), a rock formation which is great for diving and snorkeling. Our next stop is a huge Hong, which is a big lake area in the middle of the island accessed by a small entrance. We enter by dinghy and kayaks. The Hong (which means "room" in Thai) is surrounded by huge cliffs and has lovely small white sandy beaches and clear pristine water. There is a large fruit bat colony in one of the small bays. They can be photographed hanging in the trees. If the tide is right we can take in a few beers and chip some fresh oysters off the rocks. A perfect combination sitting in this pristine environment.

After a big sumptuous lunch we cruise on to Phi Phi Don which is a big Island with many bays. Ton Sai, the largest bay, is the main harbour for the Island. Many ferries and speedboats arrive here every day bringing thousand of tourists to this very popular destination. The main village, which is ashore at this bay, has many hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping facilities.
Phi Phi Island Look-out Point

We choose to moor in another Bay, which is near to the village and it is much more peaceful and serene at night. This is one of the advantages of being on a shoal draft catamaran, we can get in many places much closer than the deeper draft vessels. Phi Phi village is a great place to explore; it is set up for tourists with many souvenir and clothing shops. Above the bays are two viewpoints with panoramic views over the bays and Islands. There are many other interesting walks to different areas on the Island. The walk up to the viewpoint takes about 30 minutes. I usually take the guests on a round trip walking through the village and coming back down through the jungle and along the beach. Outside of the North Bay we have 2 other great spots. Monkey Beach has wild monkeys coming down out of the jungle every day, this beach also has good snorkeling off it. The other bay has great snorkeling and diving and a small island, good for swimming around and exploring the reef which has much fish life. There is an underwater cave here. You can free dive under water and come up inside. It has interesting colored stalactites.
Go Snorkelling With Black Tip Reef Sharks Near Phi Phi

We have yet another interesting place in this paradise. For the more adventurous I can take you snorkeling with Black Tip Reef Sharks. It is a wonderful experience to get close and swim along side these magnificent creatures. After this adventure we can go cliff jumping into the ocean.

We now set sail and cruise north around the island to a reef out in the middle of the ocean. We can moor right on top of the reef in the catamaran. It is a marvelous experience. Great snorkeling and fish life in beautiful clear water. After our reef experience we move on to the Bamboo Islands. They have wonderful white silica sand beaches with shady trees.

In the afternoon of this day we then sail on to the Hen and Chicken Islands for the night. All around these Islands are unusual rock formations. The main Island has a strange formation that looks like a Chicken head. There is a huge bat colony that lives on the Island and at dusk you can see thousands of bats flying off towards the mainland to feed. The water in this area is not as clear as we are now into Phang Nga Bay where there is much run off from the mangrove rivers on the mainland.
The beautiful views, as seen from a cave at Railay Beach, Krabi

The Hen and Chicken area is very beautiful with golden sand beaches and spectacular limestone formations. From these Islands we then cruise over to the Krabi area and to Railay Beach. This is a very spectacular and scenic area. It is a peninsular off the Krabi mainland that is only accessed by boat. I can take you on a walk through the resorts on to the cliff faces where people come from around the world to learn and experience rock climbing on the limestone cliff faces in this perfect moderate climate. We then climb to a viewpoint to experience spectacular views over both bays.
Spectacular views in The Andaman Sea and Phang Nga

Next is a great experience where we walk onto the saddle and climb down to a salt water lagoon in the middle of the mountain. The lagoon has a spring which lets seawater in as the tide comes up. It is a challenge to get down but truly worth the effort as it is one of the most spectacular places you will see. There are also some caves in the area, and we have also seen monkeys gliding through the trees.
In the dingy on the way to the shore

After this adventure I take you on a short walk through many cave and stalagmite structures and we come out on one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Here you can lay in the ocean and gaze up at some incredible rock formations.

We return to the boat for a well deserved beer and scrumptious lunch cooked by our master chef Anong, but the adventure is not over yet. After we have relaxed a bit we'll take the dinghy over to a huge cave. This is an easy climb to the main cave but I take spotlights and lead you through tunnels. We come out at a cave opening half way up a mountain. From here the views are breathtaking. Also you can often see the rock climbers on the face or abseiling past. Railay, like Phi Phi Don, is very popular for tourists and has many bars, resorts and restaurants. In this area it is also great to explore with the kayaks, there are many caves and grottos to explore up close on Coming back to the boat in the dingythis rugged coast. Ao Nang is not far from here, it's a beautiful bay with the most modern tourist town in Thailand. On a lot of the beaches and villages of the Krabi region, there are massage ladies who can iron out any tired muscles for 200 Baht an hour.

From Krabi our week charter is almost finished but it is a wonderful downhill sail with the spinnaker flying back towards Phuket. We stop off at Koh Kai Island which has lovely white sand beaches and a great reef off the back for snorkeling.

Not everyone likes the challenging adventure trips so there are plenty of other options or you can just kick back and relax on our spacious comfortable catamaran. We have large shaded areas and can create more by putting a shade awning over the trampolines in the front. This is a fantastic place to relax on a hot day as a cool breeze gets sucked in under the nets.

A visit to LangkawiGreat Fish Barbeque Aboard the YachtBeautiful Clownfish Swim around this Anenome
Relaxing at Anchor taking in the breath taking sunsetA Dinghy and Sea Kayaks are available on the Catamaran
Enjoy snacks in our comfortable cockpitHappy guests in the cockpit
Enjoy relaxing in nets hanging in the waterOur guests enjoy dining alfresco style in the large cockpit
There is a comfortable bench seat at the back of the cockpitWe often have families on board complete with children


My small hovercraft at Chalong Beach.